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A new spin on Task-based Teaching with Fiona Wall Minami

Escape the Classroom is an English communication textbook aimed at university students as well as advanced high school students and adult learners. Using the theme of escape rooms, every unit of the book is actually a 'mission' and students have to cooperate with their teammates to solve puzzles, break codes and make their escape. This occasionally involves cutting up pages of the book while negotiating with aliens, rescuing a trapped prince, solving crimes and shopping for a demanding chemistry professor. Perceptia Press: Escape the Classroom

Fiona Wall Minami is originally from the UK and arrived in Japan in the mid 1990s with a degree in Modern Languages from Durham University. She is based in Kumamoto where she has run her language school 'Britz' for over twenty years. She also teaches part-time at Kumamoto University. Fiona began her writing career as co-author of three Asahi Press textbooks 'A Taste of English: Food and Fiction', 'A Flavor of English: Cinema and Cuisine' and 'Aspects of Love in Fiction'. Her first solo textbook 'In the Driver's Seat' was published by Perceptia Press in 2016 and her second, 'Escape the Classroom' (2020) is a 2021 British Council ELTons finalist for Innovation in Learner Resources.

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